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Hacked into "The Forum that Cannot Be Named" and...

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look what I found...


CFC Member...Ellis...I lost 20 units playing your infallible MvD System...will you please play this shoe for me

Ellis...You should have switched to Anti-MvD (OTB4L) after the first 2iar...it's in your Manual

CFC Member...err...Ellis...not meaning to be picky with you having a 160 IQ and all...and I'm grateful that you would even lower yourself to talk to we mere bottom dwelling Plebs but after two years, you still haven't finished the Manual...


CFC Member...Ellis...are you there Ellis?...Ellis...

Ellis 3 weeks later...Sorry guys I had another emergency...I was playing at MGM and committed the cardinal sin ...never play when you are tired...and the next day the Casino recognised me and changed the cards and I didn't pick up on it while the guys were playing with me...but after everybody left... I absolutely creamed it...did another Table Takedown (it's becoming a habit)...Dealer was screaming at the Pit Boss that it wasn't her fault...He must be Psychic,  but unfortunately, there was no one there to see it...and I couldn't wait to meet up with the guys because I had a family emergency come up and had to head home...I had car trouble...and then my computer stuffed up...and DAMMIT...someone had raided my laundry basket and nicked my dirty undies (I have my suspicions)...and to top it off...my pipes were all frozen up...

CFC Member...Your pipes froze up?...but Ellis...it's Summer...


CFC Member...Ellis?...are you there Ellis?...Hmm...must be something I said... :huh: 


Hmm...Just another thought for people considering paying outrageous prices for Systems that don't work on "The Forum That Cannot Be Named"...Bad enough that their whole business model is based on scamming the gullible...people who are searching desperately for a way to improve their lot in life...many who really can't afford the cost but are being fed a diet of "hope and bovine excreta"...ask yourself these questions...

Why after 40 years of playing Baccarat is the seller of these so called infallible systems still playing reds and greens?... 

Why is he so desperate for cash that he keeps inventing new systems that don't work?... 

Why in his desperation does he choose to disparage the three most successful players that he still holds up as proof that his systems work by calling them "guessers?"

Why are none of these successful players members of his Forum? 

Why are so many players on this site doing so well by simply Flat Betting with no outrageously scary Negative Progressions?

Why does the "Forum that cannot be Named" charge such outrageous prices with no refund (many have tried and none have succeeded) and this Forum is a monthly subscription of a mere $50 ...owner is confident enough in his product to offer it at this piddling price knowing full well that a number will sample and decide not to stay and others will join the best Baccarat Forum on the Net. It's your choice...BTC is not for everybody and it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to find out.

And we do manage to have a bit of fun interspersed with hard work...One of the guys posted this morning after hearing about the insults flying thick and fast from the owner of the other site...

Quick question...Is the Anti-Ellis Systen available on BTC kinda like Anti-MvD...the system you have... when you need to explain why your system isn't working?...

Kidding folks...This site doesn't sell systems..But this is one that just might work...You buy one of Ellis's system and bet opposite...

Anyway...That's it for me...whether you choose to join BTC or not... is no skin off my nose and TBH...BTC is not for everybody...No false promises but you can become a consistent winner if you are prepared to put in the effort.

My main concern is for people who maybe can't afford to be ripped off by snake oil scammers...at least think long and hard about what I've said...and if you still decide you want to run the risk..."ask about their NO REFUND" Policy...You won't like the answer... 

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Well said Avion!

While I first enrolled 4 months ago not having a clue about how to win at Baccarat nor even having played a single hand live, I originally was put off by all of the "shennanigans" (for lack of a better term) of the past. So I cancelled the membership.

Two months ago, after a period of thought and reflection, I reenrolled because:

1) This is the only place that I found that has proven winners, people who actually make money and not just say they do and expect people to believe it. Who better to learn from? The losers?!

2) While there are a lot of "systems" here in the past and it is contradictory to say that in the long run you can expect to lose if you follow a mechanical system, even developing a methodology where two people can use the same method, make different wagers and both still be right in the long run needs to start somewhere and that usually begins with creating systems.This is the only place where the tools are provided and it is up to you to build the house. This is the way it should be. (I feel sorry for the masters of this game, but, I am very grateful that they put up with my ignorance when I "pick up a ball peen hammer instead of a carpenters hammer to drive the nail into the 2x4 and then go to find the sledge hammer because the ball peen didn't work and I think a different set of rules will work.")

3) This is only a game. We can send someone to the moon, yet, we cannot figure out how to make money playing this game? I don't believe that. This is to my knowledge the only place that has a winning method that is proven/verifiable. The struggle is not with the method, but, the struggle is with myself in learning it.

I had to "get over" the shennanigans, which are a thing of the past, and put my ego away. I had to get back to a "beginner's mind" where my cup is empty.

Ellis will always be a part of the "fabric" of BTC. Others will post and "bark" about what they like and don't like trying to tell others what they should say and what they should not say. This is all a part of life and will not change. I don't feel sorry for these people. I feel sorry for the likes of Way2Fast, Oz, Kevin, Keith, McVince, CT70, yourself Avion, Wolfat, Brad, Pando, XDotNet, trillion, Blitz, and all of the others (sorry if I did not include your name off of the top of my head) who contribute and give of themselves instead of "take" from the forum with an "entitlement" mentality. "I paid my $50 so I should immediately become a $5k chip bettor winning so much money that I don't know what to do with it!"


I just just realized that I stepped up onto my soap box! Time to get off! After all, I am only a squire who is sitting on the king's throne when he is not looking! LOL

And really, the conundrum is that you all already know this and most likely feel the same way in some respects. So why did I write this?

Two reasons:

1) For "new" people to the forum so that they have something to reflect on.

2) Just to say to you all that I am for one, appreciative and grateful for what you all do for me.

Thank you all very much.


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