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All about Strategic Baccarat and this club

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The vid keeps disappearing on my PC...DAMMIT!

Finally got to see the vid...Great stuff...Strategic Baccarat alone will save players heaps and accelerate the learning curve for Newbies exponentially. 


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The Strategic Baccarat Interface sure does beat dealing from an 8-deck shoe on your kitchen table. The hand-by-hand feature alone is worth becoming a member let alone all of the other benefits mentioned in the vid.

Sure, I am a member, but, I would not even think about cancelling it.

The guys here are great, helpful and encouraging.

Where else can I have access to real shoes played in real casinos right from my home (not some computer generated shoes in a book)  and the database gets bigger as more of the members add real shoes they have played. No way I am going to be able to play them all when I am practicing!!!


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This is without a doubt the best Baccarat learning tool possible...real shoes from real casinos from all over the world...with more being uploaded every day. No Random Generated Bullshit. (those that claim that there is no difference... know shit about Baccarat...There is a difference)

You can play hand by hand at your own speed and the results are there on your own personal Tote Board. It is exactly like playing in a REAL casino or a Live Dealer Online Casino. 

What I wouldn't have given for Strategic Baccarat to have been available when I started out. Freaking Brilliant concept. 

Also...I hear talk in the wings that in the near future...the same concept will be applied for Roulette and Roulette players will have the option of playing real roulette shoes.

This is great stuff.

Keith is seeking the input of all the BTC members to improve Strategic Baccarat and that can't be a bad thing. 

Thanks Keith for all the time and effort that you are putting in to get this right...

Muchas Gracias...Bloody Hell...Where did that come from?...musta been hanging around Carlos too long...:lol:

err...I was kidding about hanging out with Carlos...that's not ever going to happen

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