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Oz will you answer this guy for me

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Please join the club Mr. Letourneau.  Pretty pleeeessssee!  Our club would be so much better graced with the presence of your positive, can-do attitude. No really, PLEASE join.  I don’t know how we will be able to go on without you. 

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A "Holy Grail" was never promised.  Just a professional approach. Join or don't join.  You'll be a better player if you keep an open mind.  Keith is the most fair person I know.  I'm not sure what you mean by "begging".  He just points out the facts.  This forum costs money to maintain so why would he let people just scan the threads for free?  That being said, no one on the forum (or in the club) charges anything for their sage advice.  No one is selling a system.  Not one person claims that their way of playing is the best and is the holy grail.  We're all just learning from each other...keeping an open mind.  After joining and watching some of these people play in a casino, I saw immediately why I didn't win before and why they do.  I'm winning now.

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Sorry Keith,

I was stuck on a cruise ship with a dose of Shingles. 

I can't see any way this guy would benefit BTC... Danni Rose on steroids.  BTC is a two-way street. Each new member benefits from the experience of all the other members, but is expected to return in kind. 

I can guarantee that even if W2F...Vinny...Myself...CT...Wolfy and Krazy Kevin locked ourselves in a room with this guy for several months that there is no way known that we could teach him how to win...and to be truthful...Why would anyone want to put in the time and effort required to help someone with such a bad attitude problem? 

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6 hours ago, Keith Smith said:

Does' this guy sell systems? 

He is a supporter/lackey of Jay Silva and his systems which says all we need to know about this guy. He encourages people to outlay funds to Silva for Mechanical Systems that don't work, that makes him just another low life scammer. 

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Heck, AV ?

- He gets  to work indoors.

- The floors are always wet, so perhaps even some “ overtime pay”.

                ( a virtual Net-Fix 24/7 of video entertainment with the likes of FrenchTickler, LazySusan , EndGame and BigBob ? Leaves little time left for Baccarat play ...)

Best part? , He works ’ hard’  he is sure to become the store’s BACKDOOR key holder...


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Nick Saban…..should need no introduction.  This certainly applies to these posts and more.   The following excerpt is from an interview with Nick Saban, Head Coach of Alabama and considered by many the greatest college football coach of all time.  

"The process, loving the process, loving the daily grind of it, and putting the puzzle together.  This generation seems to be really concerned with the end result of things versus understanding, appreciating the journey to get there - which is the most important - and the trials and tribulations that come with it.  You have successes, you have failures, but it's all a part of the end game.  What I see a lot of times from young players is they'll try, they'll push, and all of a sudden, they get hit with some adversity.  Then say Nah, let me do something else, instead of staying with it.  A lot of guys give up on it because IT'S NOT HAPPENING NOW." Everybody wants to be the best, but not everybody wants to do what the best does.  You've heard that one before.  That's the challenge.  But that's what I love about the process of being a coach."

That quote from Nick Saban, CLEARLY exposes the original post of the guy who tries to humiliate, deceive, disrespect, shame, and manipulate Keith.  So look at what that guy wants.....HE WANTS IT NOW, DONE FOR HIM for free, with the false promise of joining BTC.  Way2fast reply was SOLID GOLD.  I hate wasting time on these wannabees.  So let's join with Keith, in writing GREAT STUFF on the BTC YouTube vids.  

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