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Canada Bacc Episode 52

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Thanks for the kind words @CANADABACC and @Keith Smith!  I hope to be as disciplined and proficient as @GerryM in a year and am learning fast with everyone’s help!  It’s an amazing pool of knowledge and experience in this forum, and I’m especially grateful for contributions from @kachatz1 and @XDN!

Looking forward to the day where I’ve earned a reputation as a serious player and contributor on BTC!

Best regards,


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I too would like to thank @CANADABACC and @Keith Smith for the kind words spoken about me in this video. I am looking forward to meeting @CANADABACC and everyone else on this forum sometime in late December here in Vegas. I would also like to add that I started playing baccarat in 2020 and had NO KNOWLEDGE of the game at all. I started learning out of boredom...lol.  When covid-19 hit and we were locked in for 3 straight months I wanted to learn a table game knowing full well that slot machines are not beatable, it is just an algorithm and you have to be the lucky person at the machine when it decides to give back some big payouts. No offense to anyone, but a monkey can play a slot machine and win or lose. To play baccarat you have to learn the game and learn about the variance of a 50/50 game. The BTC and all it's members taught me this. @kachatz1 put out the 10 best bets and @CANADABACCput out a couple of videos on Naturals and Ties. I try to use this information in my decision making and only trying to win 2 or 3 units a session, and I will walk with 1 unit if I determine that it's not going my way. I have increased my unit size as I become a more consistent player. I don't give into what the casino wants me to do. I won't sit at the table a long time (which means I will give back what I win) and I refuse to be greedy, that's what the casino wants, and it is human nature to be greedy. Who stops playing when you are winning??? I do, it guarantee's I walk out the door with more money than what I walked in with. There is always another day to play. And believe me I have made mistakes over the past year while I was learning, I still do, but I try to learn from my mistakes and move on. The Baccarat Mindset states "without some failure you can't learn what's needed to achieve a greater success." That statement is so true. Use your mistake as a learning experience.

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