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Oct 19 play session with Keith and Ellis

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Hi Ellis

I am interested in the October 19, 2013 live play session.

Has the location been changed to the Sands Casino?

How will all of us sit together at the same table?

What will be the table unit amount?

Thank you


Yes Alice, the play session is at Sands Bethlehem, PA.

Contact Keith for transportation arrangements.

At least at the start Keith and I will be playing $25 units.

You will be following our lead.

Your break even number is 12 units.

We are hoping to get everyone in the black.

This should not be difficult.

We've played this casino before and it has MANY tables.

More than any casino in the US.

So it should not be difficult to get our own tables.

This casino deals good games.

Last time everyone ended up following our lead and made good profits.

So we said next time we need to bring our own players rather than make

money for people we don't even know.

That is how this whole idea got started.

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I don't think I will be able to make this one. However, I really applaud your efforts doing this...I love the NOR system. I'm still learning and things are a work in progress. However, I have to say, I am profitable as a beginner.

I'd love to join one of these events and I'm sure others would love playing along. It would be good to meet other players, we can learn from, and maybe team play one day.

But most important, I would love to use sessions following you guys, as a live tutorial.

Coming home with these scorecards will make learning faster as well.


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