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Any Updates on The 2hi System

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Sorry guys, I've been extremely ill on 4 different fronts. Heart, kidneys, lungs plus diverticulitus.

I've got good doctors working on the problems but the new heart med they put me on, Metoprolol, is completely incapacitating for me.

So I took myself off of it. Whatever the consequences of that, it can't be as bad as complete incapacitation both physically and mentally.

I can't even walk a straight line let alone design Baccarat systems at the moment. They've done all the Xrays and ultrasounds already and I've got chemical stress test coming up on the 14th and then the kidney doctor. I've been through each of these before and recovered, just never all 4 at the same time.

But my thoughts, when I can think at all, are on the 2 Hi as well as the 1Hi. I'll have further news as soon as I can think straight.

Meanwhile I had this other nagging problem: A copper hot water line under the back porch pulled out of its tee with no valve to shut it off other than the main house valve. So since it was a full pressure leak I had to shut my water off. All of my 9 attempts to fix it failed after a few hours or a few days. The access to it is very small and I couldn't find a plummer that could fit under there. Keith volunteered to drive all the way down from PA to fix it. But even though he's recently lost a lot of weight, he'd never fit under there. Only 2 feet of head room if you can get through the access. And then you are lying in a deep puddle.

Finally I sawed it off with a hack saw and capped it. That line only supplies a rear bathroom that I've never used or needed anyway.

But my water bill and my electric bill will be huge. Ha, try dealing with a problem like that when you're only half alive to begin with.

And who would put water lines outside under a back porch??? He could just as well have run them under the house 2 feet away where there is plenty of head room plus enough heat to keep them from freezing. Freaking amateur!

But I'll be back on the job as soon as I'm able. That drug they game me has some lingering effects but at least I can walk again.

It's a good thing Ann came up for a month, hot water or no. I sure couldn't drive a car to the docs. So she drove me everywhere and volunteered to get me to my appointments starting on the 14th.

Damn, it's been a hell of a month! Try soldering pipes together that are full of ice while trying to keep from drowning in 2 feet of head room.

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Hi Ellis,

Take your time !! Your health is the most important thing and everyone on this forum knows you

have been dealing with a lot with your health. All of us are very great full for the contributions you have made

and in return have helped numerous people make more money now then they ever have. Hopefully we can get some

experienced players, FrontAL,way2fast,OZ,papajoe, papanomike to shed some light on this to fine tune this. I know all

of them each have there own modified way of playing and its working consistently. Maybe they can give some pointers

for the other members who are trying to move up the latter. way2fast has already given some pointers as to how he plays MDB+

and modified triggers he looks for before he bets. Hope you get well soon !!

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Thanks newbacplayer and I AM feeling much better today.

I got a call from the Cartiologist office yesterday. They said my pacemaker read out was too flat.

In other words I need to have more peaks in my heart rate.

In other words I need more daily exercise.

I'm good at that. But everytime I'd start doing push ups or whatever Ann would freak out.

"You can't be doing that with your heart!"

So I explained to her yesterday: "Yes I can and its exactly what the doctor ordered.

"My heart is fine. It's my blood flow that's the problem because of arterial blockages -

and exercise increases blood flow."

She relented peacfully and left. But she's not usually here. She prefers our apartment in town 1.5 hours away

next door to her 3 greatgrandkids. I hate it there in the flat lands. Nothing to do and I can only take those little bastards in short spurts.

She hates it here in the mountains. Bored W/O the little bastards running around getting into EVERYTHJING.

And I can't be entertaining her all the time. I'm always on the computer or playing Baccarat games on teaching on the phone

or out taming the winding mountain roads.

It's my kind of country here: mountains, lakes, rivers, golf courses, winding mountain roads.. Ha, and the doctor is telling me to get out more.

So it's the perfect arrangement - her there and me here. And, when she's not here, I have a neighbor next door who checks in on me most every day - ha, but keeps his distance when she IS here.

So I gave here my new jeep grand cherokee because there's plenty of room for the little bastards who are methodically destroying the interior.

But jeeps are strong.

I much prefer my 98 BMW Z3 roadster 5 speed which I have restored to even better than new!

It toys with the winding mountain roads here and is the main attraction everywhere I go. It clears my head!

Ha, and no room for little bastards. And she won't get in it cause she's scared of it. Too close to the road

Ha, jeeps don't attract attention and the Z3 can run circles around it - my kind of car!

And the doctor is telling me to get out more.


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Maybe until there is further developments on a universal 2HI this forum could be used as training for Netbet which is what U2HI is anyway

With good practise and to learn all tricks to netbetting and SAP that in itself is worth it and should be able to win most players +5 per shoe

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Hmm,you guys must have missed my post wherein I said I'm switching the base from net bet to SAP and Reverse SAP.

We averaged +6 with SAP 2Hi for years.

SAP is primarily for regular cards and Reverse SAP for factiory preshuffled as a general rule. However on a given day at a given time any casino can present either game type.

I'm leaving betting up to you. You can bet it 1Hi or 2Hi or 4Hi like we do with MDB+. But rather than explain it all over again, please look up my origional post. It was just a few days ago.

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Thanks Ellis

Cannot wait to start learning this method..


You Wrote

"Right, or you can even experiment with flat betting. A few know the short cut version of SAP. But this calls for full SAP and full Reverse SAP.

You will need to learn how to set up your Sap score card

How to determine how to enter your SAP counts on your card

And how to relate those counts to when and how you bet.

And how to determine whether the shoe at hand is calling for SAP or Reverse SAP.

And cash mgt - when to get in the shoe and when to get out.

I'll hopefully start instruction on the 2Hi forum tomorrow.

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Hi ellis saw that but wasnt sure that plan was set in stone. You have cleared that up now. As long as everyone who payed for access for this forum gets to learn a system that can win +5 via 2hi then they should all be happy. I think sap is so important for everything, nor, mdb both benefit. That was how norm played right?

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