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Playing MDB+ Online

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Hey Guys-

I have been waiting to post this until I was certain and it was thoroughly tested. I know there is some misconception about playing MDB+. MDB+ was originally designed for factory pre-shuffled RANDOM cards not for shuffle master or hand shuffled "BIASED" cards.. As we all know Way2fast has done well with MDB+ but with the delayed triggers that he uses MDB+ works in most situations.

I have been playing MDB+ online for the past 7 weeks and I have not had a losing day yet (mind you I play online everyday). I play two different sites at the same time. I'm not going to post them here but if you can't figure it out by the shoes I post below PM me and I will provide them to you.. I only play each shoe to +2 or +3 because the sites I play use 6 deck shoes. I have lost a progression here and there but nothing too alarming. FYI- You need to be aware of what is happening in the shoe you are playing- if you see a heavy bias DO NOT play. From time to time you will come across a shoe that let's say is 30 hands in and there are no 2's. In this situation you would not make a bet calling for a 2 to stay 2. Just common sense, don't blindly make bets (mechanically) just because it's a MDB+ trigger, look at what the shoe is telling you. I think Way2fast mentioned in one of his recent posts that he will delay the start of a trigger even further depending on what is going on in the shoe.

I think it's a good opportunity for those that don't have a casino near them or if their local casino is very unfriendly towards MDB+.

Good luck to all-



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Thanks for this - very encouraging.

I also had some success with MDB+ online.

Now playing for roulette and not so much but roulette is so volatile.

MDB+ is such a foolproof theory - the maths doesn't lie

Your approach of +2 or +3 in a 6 deck shoe I think is a very wise target

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Great job Damian. I have never noticed a significant difference in MDB+ results between touch/no touch or preshuffled/ regular cards. But because most of my games were in Vegas HL rooms, I didn't have a large sample of shoes other than preshuffled touch games. You are proving what I always believed -- it's not the type of cards that matter -- you will get biased and random from any card "type".

Hope you keep killing it. Just be ready for the casino to change up on you (especially an on-line one). Don't want to be an alarmist, but I guarantee you are not the only one that knows you haven't had a losing shoe in 7 weeks!!!

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Hey John-

I have stayed away from playing MDB at my local casino because I thought Vegas was my only option. However, my trip to Vegas a couple of months ago proved to me that even Vegas has heavily biased shoes. To be honest I was shocked by the shoes I saw in Vegas. I compared the shoes I played/recorded in Vegas with the Hard Rock here locally (Hollywood, Florida) and they were not too different. I think as long as your mindful of the possibility of playing a heavily biased shoe and you don't get caught with your pants down MDB will work for any type of cards you face.

In the last week I have found myself changing the triggers to suit the shoes in front of me. Not always, my base is still the W2F triggers, but I keep an eye on what is going on in the shoe and if I'm not sure I will pass on a trigger to see what happens. Some times I kick myself and other times I'm happy I sat out. I would much rather miss the opportunity to win a bet then lose a progression.

BTW- I have had losing shoes but not losing days....

Good luck-


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