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A Challenge to all BTC Members...

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Watch this Video without shedding a few tears...

A 10 year old Autistic kid with severe ADHD and her Special Needs School Choir...This reminds us all of what Christmas is all about. 


OK...I know it's got nothing to do with Baccarat...but sometimes when the whole world seems to be turning to crap...it takes something like the joy on the face of a tiny 10 year old girl as she sings to her Saviour to remind us of our humanity.


In that vein...Let me wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS...


And YES...even Crusty Old Oz shed a tear...


OH...A message to Simon Cowell...You leave this little girl the hell alone... or I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

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Whenever someone says.....watch this without tears.....that special something perks up inside me.....and I know the tears are only a moment away.  Thank you Oz, for sharing your heart.  Just so you know....you have never fooled me or anyone else....regarding the greatness of your heart that you have.  Merry Christmas to you....and all of your loved ones.  

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Thanks to Oz for giving us a moment to ponder a bit about things of life.

I have  lost my beloved wife more than 1 year ago and still often take my time pondering about life and what happyness really is...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all members!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all at BTC. Maybe one day when we all work together as a team and become successful we can

have a Christmas Las Vegas Gift giveaway. Depending on how much money you make on the trip you will donate a portion of it to the gift exchange

that some other person would get.

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Thanks Avion, The family had a great time. I hope you and your loved ones did to.

Hey and good luck & best wishes I know your dreams start on the 1st January.

All the best for the new year everyone.

PS. Oz your little girl has had over three million hits on the internet she has made the national news here!

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