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I'm in the premium rooms now!! WooHoo!!  Probably be up all night reading topics and learning new stuff!!  If anybody has topics I should dive into first please suggest them to me! I'm up to speed on all the basics, NOR, s40 etc.. So I don't have to start from the very beginning  :)

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Otbl in my terms is the ability to produce 2's 

not just 2's straight but 2's zz

3's are acceptable as they only cause 1 otbl loss (straight and zz)

4's incur 2 losses iar and that may mean a shift of bias or otbl may return - they are a wait while in otbl play for me or if I have reason to believe repeats will start or 4'a will go 5 then I may choose to switch immediately

a knowledge of sap is required to be able to decide this

so a perfect otbl bias would obviously be 


an acceptable otbl bias would be 


hope this helps

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