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There is nothing quite like gambling. Then you take gambling for recreation and gambling professionally or gambling for a living and its different again.

Sometimes its good to compare it to something else in life so you can get a perspective on what it takes to succeed.


One obvious one is fighting. I can talk about this because I had about 35 amateur / semi pro boxing / kickboxing / muay thai fights before I retired and started this hobby.

I would say there is a lot of similarities because:

There is probably 1% or less members of a fitness / fight gym that actually fight regularly.

There is many who would like to but are too scared or cant commit to the training and there are some who are talented but just have no desire

There is many who talk about it and talk tough to their friends that they train and fight but in truth they don't

The training is physically and mentally tough - but its always the mental side that is more important

The amount of training you have to do compared to the actual time you spend in the ring is massively lopsided in favour of the training.

At the beginning you think you are prepared but when you actually get in the ring you realise how much you aren't and every weakness you have gets exposed.

The mental side of it is so important and if you don't control your adrenaline, fear, and emotions you will lose.

You can end up getting beat by a worse fighter one night and then you can beat a better fighter another - its just the way it goes.

There can only be one winner most times.

There's always so called experts around but in truth there are not many.

You have to always go in confident but not too confident   

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In my day Brad...We used to call them "Gym Boxers"...brilliant in the ring when sparring but never able to take the next step. I copped a hammering from one once and to be fair, he had more natural talent than I was ever likely to have...but he lacked the ticker...his balls never dropped and he didn't ever make the transition to fighting for real. A bit like me with Baccarat...I didn't have the natural perception and ability of guys like Norm and PJ...but I worked bloody hard and got where I am today.

(Still waiting for my balls to drop though):huh:

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Thanks way

Yes Oz I know the ones

A story when I moved gyms there was one guy there who looked the part physically and his technique was awesome. He could kick the pads real hard. He could spar as well as he hit the bags and pads UNLESS THE OTHER GUY COULD TAKE IT AND START TO GIVE IT BACK

Then he would lose confidence. It was like you broke him and he had no heart to go through a tough battle

I was the guy who could never hit real hard, not a knockout puncher or with no real natural ability but my fitness was always good and I would never quit. One time we were sparring in front of a few people and he started unloading on me. I just took it for about a minute and then started giving it back as best I could. Instantly you could see the doubt on his face and fear that he was getting into a battle. He kicked me hard and I checked it (block with shin) on his knee (accidental)

He dropped to the ground and quit claiming he couldn't continue

If he just had a heart he would have been the best fighter!


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Water - go the ocean and there is an unlimited amount of water

Carry small buckets of water and you can carry them back and forth all day

Get greedy and reverse your truck up on the sand and fill it up and you will surely get bogged!

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14 hours ago, way2fast said:

What's with you Aussies and fighting? 

Won't be picking a fight with you tough mothers anytime soon!

We aren't that tough really...It's the country itself that forces us to harden the f***k up...

Everything that can bite you...eat you...kill you and sting you, seems to lives in Australia...

And that's just in the cities...if you get my drift?:lol:

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Was coming out of Crown Casino and was trying to stuff a few hundreds in my wallet while walking through the carpark and an aboriginal guy was sitting off waiting for that to happen.

We were about to cross paths and I thought well I cant hit this guy first until he makes a move and don't want to risk it so I'll cross the road and if he crosses too then I'll hit him.

Luckily 2 huge Maori security guards on bike patrol came out of nowhere and walked this guy to the train station. Probably were watching him on camera.

I could hear him swearing at them as I got in my car.

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In any endeavor that is worth while, like professional athletes spend 90% of their sport time in training, mental, emotional and physical to prepare them for competition.  The other 10% of their sport time is spent in competition.  

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On that note one of my mates is a spray painter.

He painted his old Holden Commodore a 2 pack candy apple red

I said mate that looks awesome, how hard is it to paint something like that?

He said the painting is the easy part its all in the preparation

Sanding down, primer, body filler, spray putty etc

He said look I have no fingerprints any more - from the hours he spent rubbing it down!

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Driving on the roads is something we all do and we make judgement decisions every day based on experience.

Many times you have to make decisions that can be life or death from your previous experience

Also on any given day you might encounter every set of traffic lights is red, green, or turning amber

You just don't know

I relate all this to gambling as you never know your luck on any given day and you must use your knowledge, common sense, and past experience to get you by safely

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I thought about this one:

you as the player are like a high court judge.

you must listen to both cases - banker and player - all arguments for and against.

you must have experience and not be biased to make a fair decision. 

A judge must spend many years in the legal system before they can be a judge

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