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Hey Edwin. Welcome in the club!

Are you just practising or with real money? The D'alembert is what we call U1D1 progression. It WILL lose if you just bet on banker or player only.

Start with reading this post 

and learn the different systems so you understand them before you continue the journey through this forum.

You have alot of good things coming!



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3 hours ago, edwin408 said:

d'alembert is a up 1 when you lose and down 1 when you win. ive used successful on a couple shoes and have one really bad shoe and lost it all. i was betting opposite every time and just recently started using only banker so im not sure on the success on that

I don't think this is a very good plan for you @edwin408

There is this thing in baccarat called variance.  The casino has a mathematical advantage, and if you do not do SOMETHING to try to reduce the variance of the game, you will lose and probably lose a lot.  This is why betting every hand in the shoe following a mechanical bet selection method (i.e. bet banker every hand) will not work.  Sure, if its a banker heavy shoe you will win that shoe.  But what happens if it's a player dominant shoe (incidentally, @kachatz1 just played a shoe the other day that had 30 players and 15 bankers) you will lose.  That is variance.  By using a negative progression (U1D1) you are providing super fuel to the casino's money-making engines.  They would love every one to play that way.  What's good for the casino, is baccarat suicide for the player.

Baccarat wannabes, who talk about how banker has a mathematical edge over player,  often espouse to simply bet banker every hand.  And hey, if you match it with an U1D1 you are guaranteed to come out a winner in the long run.  But due to variance, you will instead lose in the long run, and lose big.  Despite this "obvious" mathematical concept, I have NEVER seen any player actually do this at the tables.  Why?  Because they lose.  Because when you have that strong Player shoe can you really get yourself to make a 10 unit bet (after making and losing all the bets leading up to it)?  What about the 11 unit bet after that, and 12 after that?  Your done.  Your baccarat "career" is over.

Instead, the successful player learns to streamline their play into only a few preferred plays and bet selectively when they see those plays set-up in the shoe.   This eliminates betting on whims or mechanical systems.  Is it a sure thing?  Of course not.  But your own statistics support the play as you look for the shoe to maintain its trend or bias just long enough to profit from it.  Take a unit or two and move onto the next opportunity.

I prefer to not make a bet above two units.  In most cases I don't go above 1.5 units on any one bet.  If I get ahead by 5 units I must exit that shoe with at least 3 units -- never let a changing shoe or variance turn a nice profit into a loss.  How you do long-term is MUCH more a function of how little you lose in one shoe versus how much you win in one shoe.  I play for the long-term, not for the next bet, the current shoe, or even the days' session.  So if I have a large win in a shoe, in the next shoe I typically lower my unit size.  Likewise, if I have a tough shoe and lose a couple units, I will often raise my unit size in the next shoe.   Recognize that you control your bet selection, money management and exit points.  Don't fall into the casino's trap of trying to control something you can't (i.e. betting banker every hand, or using a negative progression).  It's called using your brain. 

Good luck on your journey @edwin408!  You will find lots of good information here to help you.

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join the prem

4 minutes ago, edwin408 said:

@Fedda ive been practicing on a app called world baccarat classic

@way2fast im willing to learn but dont know where to start and what to look for. id like to learn the way you play but for now im stuck trying to play with negative progressions.

join the premium member section (50$/mth only) and watch the conference with one of our professionals, this time with katchaz, that will share some of his knowledge, really priceless!


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34 minutes ago, edwin408 said:

@wolfat  i already subscribed can you give me the link

go to premium section

it had already been a master class for newbies, to make you tuned with terminologies and betting techniques 

I think today there will be the next one, check it!



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