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Hmmm, I'm wondering... would anyone be interested in a Baccarat Boot Camp Course? A course consisting not only of Maverick, but of the top systems learned here, complete with manuals with sample shoes of all the systems terminology, video of how to play everything with the sample shoes and play by play, a tricks of the trade section with betting progressions .

Even better... what about a Baccarat Boot Camp? Live all-day seminar in Vegas or Tahoe, where you receive Live instruction from some of the best baccarat players in the world, question and answer section, the complete course manual and video that you can take home, then we all go play live together? Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. If you would be interested, give me your feed back here.

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I think it is a great idea--if the crowd doesn't become too large so the class room effect is lost. It's the inter action that is effective to learning. All should be free to ask questions to clear personal confusion or lack of understanding.

Nothing succeeds like doing the instruction live. So if we can have one shoe dealt (on screen) and played by the attendees at which each hand will be discussed.

Vegas or atlantic city is a good idea. How about paying the cost of such gathering by having our best player play live for the group using cash paid in by the attendees.

A fee for btc could also be earned.


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Skype has a new Beta 5 that you can download. This will allow video conferencing, but all must have this new beta and running windows. Just google Skype Beta and its right there. There seems to be enough interest where members and non-members would be willing to pay a fee for this type of seminar boot camp. If so, I can look into putting one together. If not, there is another service I have used before when putting on webinars, so if we can get at least 50 people I can definitely put one together. Let me know here.

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If you are a guest here and hesitating to see if these systems work before you join, thats a fair request and I don't blame you for thinking that way. For me personally, I'm not an owner of this forum, so I don't get a dime. So I don't really care if anyone signs up or not.

However, if you wish you can send me your hardest or tough shoes, I will play it using my Maverick system. The easiest way is you can take a picture of your shoe and post it here or message it to me.

I will play them all using Maverick and let you know how it goes. So far Maverick has won 100% of its sessions, (notice I did not say shoes). Maverick is an approach to playing the game, not a 100% mechanical system, but its darn close. So if you are looking for a 100% mechanical system, that will win 100% of your shoes, that does NOT exist. However, Maverick as you will see here is running darn near the 100% mark averaging at least +10 per shoe on the low side.

I am now trying to put on a Live Boot Camp/Webinar together that for a nominal fee, will cover everything you need even for a new person to the game. It will cover everything from the basics and terminology to what you need to know to win with Maverick. Then I will use the same toughest shoes as the examples to teach the Maverick system. I will go over everything on how to play it, along with the REASON behind the bets which will include the rules and the logic behind them. This is very important as when you know and understand the "Why" it make you and the approach you are using even stronger.

For this Live Boot Camp, I plan on making a full manual that will be sent to you that will include a ton of information, sample games, and play by play. I will also include a DVD recording of the Boot Camp so that you will have something that you can replay over and over at your leisure as well as live question and answer period. I am also attempting to arrange it so that all who register and sign up for the Boot Camp gets included a FREE 1 month subscription to Beat the Casino forum, where you will be able to get ongoing support to ensure you are on the way to winning asap.

If this would be of interest to anyone, I need feedback so I can decide whether there is enough people to justify the cost and effort for me to put all this together. I am thinking at least 50 people to make it doable.

Please let me know here on this Baccarat Boot Camp thread. Also let me know what time/day would be best for you. I will try to hold it at a time which is best for everyone. Probably a weekend during the day. Also it will be recorded, so that even if you cannot attend, I will make sure you get everything and you can follow up on the forum with all the other members.

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Mark, a weekend time would sound reasonable for any of us,not to speak for anyone,with full time jobs but based on the incredible opportunity this is,anytime time for a webinar you can offer will demand absolute priority.Most importantly when and where can we send you the fee.At least if I can pay then I know will will all arrange our schedules appropriately.WOW,I am ready.the lightbulb finally came on but this will further cement MAVERICK.

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this is very much of interest. i would sign up depending on the cost. time of day is not important to me. i support the most economical time available.

this would also assure me i will understand using "MAVRICK". This would settle an issue for me , so i could join the forum knowing with confidence that i will understand and benifit from joining.

paul savas

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Hi Mark,

I am interested in participating in a webinar. Physical presence in LV or other location would not be possible. Weekdays would be optimal with second preference being weekends. The manual and DVD would definitely add value to the "continued" learning process. Keep us posted.



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Can Maverick be used at online casinos offering baccarat?


Yes, many of us are playing Maverick online at BetPhoenix for money (we're US players) and others are using Black Orchid, DublinBet and a few others that I'm not familiar with.

These are NOT RNG baccarat games but live dealt games, which is why we play there.

As it's 125 miles round trip for me to hit my local B&M casino, it makes it nice that I can play the live, online games most of the time.

In the private forum under the Maverick area there are many, many posted shoes from the live play casinos from around the world. These shoes are posted generally to see if the play was correct or if they could be made better. In my case most of them are posted up to showcase some classic mistakes!!


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