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An RD1 Idea from Ellis

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I'm still not to sure we were right to eliminate RD1 from S40A. It does have its place. But I have an idea that could raise RD1 to the same level of play as the other three S40A component systems. If it works out perhaps we should put RD1 back in.

The other 3 component systems each have two variations: F2,3 is obvious. But both 40 and OTB4L we adjust our prog length to conform to SAP.

RD1 is ALMOST the exact opposite of 40. The problem is the word almost. I think we would be better off to make RD1 the EXACT opposite of 40.

With F, we choose when to switch sides after a 2 or a 3 on the wrong side. But a 3 on the wrong side occurs less than twice per shoe.

With 40 we usually make the culprit either 3s or 4s. Normal 4s is only 2.25 per shoe.

But RD1 we make the culprit sporadic (single) 1's. And there's an avg of 9 per shoe. Why would we choose to lose to something that happens so frequently? Why not play it exactly like 40.

How? We simply note whether the 1's in the shoe at hand are usually coming in singles or multiples. If multiple we play RD1 to the current rules. But if single we simply wait for a 2nd 1 in a row to bet straight down.

With the current rules a shoe full of sporadic 1's kills RD1. With the new rules RD1 would kill a shoe full of sporadic 1's and be a much stronger and more useful system.

What do you think? Hey, it works good with 40, and with F and with OTB4L. Why not RD1?

Sometimes I think we can't see the forest for the trees.

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Hi Ellis,

your idea is similar to what explained in my tournement report.

My plan was to skip the 1st bet (in Sys.40) if 1s were low and then continueing as per stated rules.

This is a good solution to keep every system flexible.

What people I think can't understand is that training and practicing are a MUST before going into casino.

Every professional athlete spent hours training every day, why we shouldn't? Bac is a hard sport!

When I hear someone laming about a system that doesn't work I always think that with some practicing you could fit the shoe;

you'll never win all shoes but a huge % YES!

BTC systems works in the correct spot but you must put something yours if you want to build a career in bac.

Hard work and training always pay.

I know that the most experienced player here like PJ or MVS play EVERY day, analyze their scorecard, learn a new lesson every given day!

BTC gives you the car, a super sport car, but are you able to drive it? How long it takes to you to know your new car? To get the edge?




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As I learned RD1 only lost to 1221 (or 1212 for RDH), not all sporadic 1's. "wait for a 2nd 1 in a row to bet straight down" seem still not solve the problems.

Right Jerry, that is what you lose to but if you continue betting repeats until a 2nd 1 in a row in a shoe high in sporadic 1's you beat both of those patterns and you beat ALL sporadic 1's 1 bet earlier. Get it?

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Hi Ellis,

RD1 seems to work well in a lot of situations. I understand the not to follow after loss following a 1 iar or a 1,2. So I am fine with and I understand it.So my question is what is the culprit that we have to watch out for when using RD1? What doesn't it like?

It seems to handle all Straight runs, ZZ and TTs.

Sometimes things do go south but I can't put my finger on it. Can you give me some pointers on it?



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This a quote from someone that was on here.   "

"The original RD1 was a pretty straight forward method and although it had a good following, it did have a losing pattern that came up quite often.

Then came RD1-H (hybrid) to fix one of the problems."

May I suggest you use the search box on here, in the upper right hand of this page.  Search both RD 1 and RD1-H.

I would do it for you, but honestly after studying and practicing for 12 straight hours, my brain is toast. 

Personally, I honestly don't know how it works.

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CT70 was a big RD1 fan.

He used to use it on roulette as streak after streak it would clean up.

I agree that is the strength of RD1 - repeats and those ZZ 2;s

Its the only system that deals with them really well.

Problem is when its not streaky it doesn't do so well

He used to avoid the losing pattern when he thought it was coming.



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