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Wow he is really put himself out there with the risk of being barred (showing his face, telling tendencies in the casino and supplying winning students). Yes? No?

Help me here. Would the casinos even allow this?

LOL...I reckon the Casinos would love this guy...

Here are a few of his replies about his system that I stumbled upon on a Gambling Forum

Hello again, Tony,

Thanks for your reply.

My major concern is does it consistently work? Can someone with a moderate bankroll be able to take money from the casino day after day to make a living? Also, is this technique specific for roulette or can be applied to a game like baccarat?

Without obviously giving away your strategy to me for free, are you saying it is irrelevant on what you bet if it is only a betting strategy and not a system?




Hi, Leo,

There is no 100% fail safe gambling system or method in existence. If there was, casinos wouldn't be in business.

With the Sure Roulette Method you can win 25 to 30 units per session nine out of ten times, on average. Once in a while you will hit a bad losing streak from which you can't recover without undue risk.

That is why I suggest limiting your stake to a maximum of 150 times your betting unit. (It can be done with 100 units, but 150 would be better).

Let's say you win an average of 27 units in 9 sessions, and you have one bad session where you lose 150, you still have a net win of 93 units.

The problem is, if that losing session happens early on; or if there are two losing sessions within the first eight or ten sessions, a player concludes prematurely that the method isn't going to work.

That is why it is important that you test the method extensively over many hours. You can do this by playing for free at most online casinos. Play a hundred test sessions and prove to yourself that in the long-run you will come out ahead. Then you will have the confidence to play for serious money, knowing you will win!

The method can be applied to roulette, baccarat or any other game where even money bets are possible.




A Question from John: Can you actually play at one table for an hour, or is it better to limit yourself to say 20--30 mins. Regards,


Answer: Hi John,

I suggest you set a "win goal" of 10 units per session. Sometimes you win 10 units very quickly, other times it might take an hour or longer. Once you've won 10 units, pocket your win and, if so inclined, start another session. I don't think it matters much whether or not you change tables.

NUFF SAID...He is preying on the terminally stupid

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Ha, these "experts" keep coming out of the wood work with the very same stuff we discarded 25 years ago. I stopped paying them any mind a long time ago. Most of these guys are the very reason casino Bac profits are so impossibly high - the highest of all table games - and they do this with the closest odds of any game in the casino. That ought to tell you something. Some idiots will actually try this. If it is possible to lose 150 units, that is exactly what will eventually happen. I don't know about you but I'd be suicidal!

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Does anybody know where to download free baccarat sofware and free roulette software from the Internet for use on a home computer that doesn't use the Internet or online casinos?

I've been trying desperately to find good software using Google and different keywords, but nothing seems to work.


Analytical software or just "software" for playing the game?

Software to generate shoes and roulette numbers or just something to play the game.

If for some odd reason you just can't find anything in an online search, running over to any Office Depot, Office Max or most software gaming stores, you should be able to find a CD of casino games, usually Hoyle or something similar. Of course there are about a million games available for the iPads and things like that.

Or, if it's just numbers and results you're looking for and you're not too picky, just run an Excel spreadsheet and generate all the spins and hands you could ever want.

All of it "offline".


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Well, few people know this but a whole world existed before PCs were invented.

We used to use actual decks of cards.

No, you don't have to play the game out or know the rules.

Just get 4 decks of cards and shuffle them real good.

Place them face down in one pile and peal off cards from the top.

Red = Bank, Black = Player

With 4 decks, run lengths and frequencies of occurrence will duplicate casino presentations quite closely.

Of course I was trying to duplicate the games we were getting in the '80s when long runs were common.

If you find you are getting too many long runs, simply go to 3 decks.

If you want to get cute you can make aces = tie. So you get 1 out of 13 rather than 1 out of 10 - close enough.

If you want to duplicate biases, as you deal the cards out put the reds in one pile and the blacks in another. Now the quality of your shuffle afterwards will determine biases.

You can get even cuter and duplicate the Bank edge by removing one black per every 2 decks.

Once you get used to handling cards, you will find real cards faster and clearer than any computer program.

You can also duplicate roulette spins. Just put the blacks you removed back in.

Now red = red and black = black or

red = odd and black = even or

red = high and black = low

Aces = green (0 00)

Get it?

Now tomorrow we could talk about what we did before TV was invented.

The next day we could talk about what life was like back in the feudal system.

Yes, there were cards even back then.

That was back when the commoners were allowed by the King to make their own beer called grog.

So after working in the King's gardens all day .....

Since they were always drunk they were easy to control by the King's men called knights.

Very similar to life today.

But instead of being paid in grog we are paid in a new invention called paper money.

That's where they trick us into a life of servitude by making us think this new paper has value.

Hell, you can't even drink it!

Of course half the commoners were a little disturbed after all that daily grog.

Back then we called them crazies and jesters.

Today we call them Republicans.

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Well, few people know this but a whole world existed before PCs were invented.

We used to use actual decks of cards.

No, you don't have to play the game out or know the rules.

Just get 4 decks of cards and shuffle them real good.

Place them face down in one pile and peal off cards from the top.

Red = Bank, Black = Player

I am actually doing this with two decks of cards (I think I'll add a third now). The only difference is I am using a red deck and a blue deck. I shuffle the cards and leave them face up, then when I turn them over the red colored deck is banker and the blue color deck is player. Red and blue just like the tote boards in the casino. I'm glad I read this, I wasn't sure what I was doing was very accurate as far as frequencies of occurrences was concerned, but it is fast and easy.

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