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Does anyone know of a trust worthy online casino to play Baccarat online? I know it is not technically legal here in the U.S., but I remember talking to someone at a seminar in Vegas that was playing real money online.

Try Bet Phoenix.

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NJ just got into online gambling. EXTREMELY regulated. I have made good profits. Problem is you have to be a NJ resident. They have gone to great lengths to ensure that you are a NJ resident. Don't know how they did this but they shrunk the NJ borders. If you live on the NJ state line you will not be able to play. Everyone I know that has gambled online in NJ has got killed gambling (Except me), Thanks Mr. Davis. :).

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You lucky so-and-so. What I wouldn't give to have a reliable online casino I could play at for 3-4 nights a week.

OK, one more time. Currently you are limited to perhaps two online venues for US players. (Excluding New Jersey).

BetPhoenix dot AG


Sportsbetting dot AG

These are the only two that I have found where you can actually make a deposit and play a LIVE game. You also can play RNG games, but why would you?

Also, be prepared to supply an inordinate amount of private information to these casinos the first time you withdraw your winnings. It has to do with international money laundering and all that.

Online gambling, especially with these companies based outside of the US and offshore have been considered suspect for a long, long time. You must do your homework and convince yourself that what you are buying into is something you can deal with.

You can play both "free" and "real money" on the same tables at the same time. This is how a lot of people "test" to make sure it's all one game and not one for free and one for money. Run it in real time on multiple computers to make sure YOU'RE convinced it's some place you want to send your money in for a deposit.

Online casinos have a pretty dedicated group of people who like them and people who despise them. I would say that you should do your own testing and make your own decision on which ones you wish to play with. It's your money. Do your homework!!!






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