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Parx Trip 4/29/14 61.5% PA

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gman ive learned from Keith that you go on the run till you lose ive always played that way Thats the way Keith plays and it might be the way Ellis plays
Definitely not the way Ellis teaches it. He calls it trapping your self into a losing bet. He does often talk about others using it, however.
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In one of his posts describing Bas40, which is a +5 strategy,

Ellis has written

"In all cases stay on the run until you lose," after describing some OTR scenarios.

So, if BACDJ126 is playing BaS40 , he is doing it by the "BaS40 book"

and not the NOR Book.

I think everybody is right on this one.

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Hey Yumi

$25 - $200

$50 - $400

$100 - $800

$200 - $1600

$500 - $4000

i only buy in for 8 units so if i do lose i only lose 8 units

That makes total sense, when our stop loss is -8

I have another question if you don't mind answering, I know you look for S40M3 shoe and I have seen all you play cards for all your trip report.

Some shoes were streaky at start then went to 2 iar then u entered when it start to go choppy.

What indications do you go by? That it would go choppy? You were.t affraid that it might go back streaky?

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