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Universal 2Hi Discount early bird code

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Hi Keith,

If the 2hi is purchased online and the seminar is on Saturday and those that may

not be able to attend and order online how soon will we have access to the information

from the time the seminar takes place?

Might be a couple days for film editing and a formal manual but I'll be back on Tues and I can send you the tester instruction if you've already purchased.

That will get you started. Most can learn it in ten minutes. Purely mechanical - no modes. You can probably pay for it with one on line casino session.

Remember, this whole thing started out in search of a good way to play on line.

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When I filled out the PayPal form for payment in the comment box it said to call BEAT THE CASINO and the phone number .

So I cancelled the order .

Did anyone else , also have that message ?

The phone number , listed to call.....was probably Ellis or Keith ??

Thanks for any help guys !!


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I got the link straight away. Also got invite email from keith for video and examples. Some people are maybe expecting a thick manual but dont forget the more rules the more complex and the more people will complain. If its a simple system that wins more than it loses then isnt that the best?

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