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NOR shoe-any advice how to play it?

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Here is the shoe I encountered at Rivers Des Plaines IL Casino.

Could anyone advise what would be the best way to play it? Which system?





I tried playing 4D but it was tricky so some help please...

Now you see why an Ark can come in handy @ times...

Always too EZ to play a shoe" after the fact", and you could play it any one of many ways since you have the info...

The more important question is, now having the full shoe in front of you, what COULD you have done ?


- leave the shoe early

- Play original MDB rules, before W2F adjustment ( takes patience and recognition, to know when to play...)

- SAP showing strong 3/4+ vs.1/2 counts

- Player " took off" versus Bank count mid shoe

Etc. etc.

Most def a tough shoe...and when you see one like this, what are you supposed to do?

( you know the answer)

Again, EZ for me to second-guess...I would have struggled with this shoe 5D ( 4D + MDB) as well, and this is how I play every time...

But you have to be willing to walk away if you are struggling!!!!

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Once again its just not the same as playing for real as saying what one would have done but...





Breaking the shoe into sections:

1311311 = S40M1 - 11 plays

2261265 = OTBLM2 - 24 plays

11111 = S40 = 5 plays

324223112 = OTBLM3 = 20 plays

311133 = S40M1 = 12 plays

Going with my theory that casinos are changing the bias about 4 times per shoe to give bias players a read on something and then changing it

This is a tough shoe but it is predominantly OTBL - most of these mixed up shoes aren't anything all the way through but usually OTBL will be the best if you were to choose one system to go with - OTBLM2 (anything but the 4's) would have done ok here I think

What I am doing now is to look for a bias and try and capture a few units before it changes and then look for the change and then capture a few more and so on and so on for about 4 changes per shoe

If you look at the start of each of the sections there is a trigger to tell you what to play:

113 = S40m1

226 = OTBLM2

111 = S40 or just opposites

324 = OTBLM3

311 = S40M1

Use the triggers and capture a few units or even 1 and you do ok

Play all the way through and you may not

The days of picking one system and playing all the way through all the time to get +50 are gone I'm sorry to say

The casinos have figured out how to bait bias players in - use it to your advantage and pick the change - don't pick a system and play it all the way through and hope it will bring you out +

However if I had to pick one it would definitely be OTBL (mostly M2)

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Most def Designer Shoe, or Designer question.

Lots of shoes like this these days, so really hard to even break it down, as candidly playing in real tiime, at Casino Speed is not like playing Fantasy Football after-the-game-is -over quarterback...

Why not?

Because even in FF, they still report their score...

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Looks like designer shoe to me too. Predominantly otbl like because casinos know it doesnt require much skill to pick opposite or repeat biases.

But they dont want to make it otbl all way through or bias players have nothing to tempt them. Also switches modes for every nor system due to quite an even spread of events. 1 - 6 both straight and zz.

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Hate to divide the forum but MDB+ was priced at $1200 (USD I might add as AUD vs USD is terrible for us now) when I joined and NOR $600 USD

Now NOR is $299 + $25 forum access so potentially a NOR player could get MDB+ signals for $299 + $25

Personally I don't care as in this game its not what you know but how you use it

Keith may see it differently as the owner of the site so not sure if many MDB+ players would feel comfortable giving it out without consulting Keith about current price structure.

Just saying...

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