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After following this forum since the Premium Membership has been put into service. I have noticed that there is not much activity  on the Premium site. I will not be spending  any money on a monthly membership from this site due to buying several different methods from the forum and I have not had any LONG TERM success following  each of the several systems that were  purchased over the past 4 and 1/2 year and coming to numerous LAS VEGAS seminars over time with this forum. I am extremely disappointed that I have not been able to win consistently with MDB+, I have had my lowest shoe or session losses with MDB+  but NO LONG TERM SUCCESS. I don't have the time or patience to tweak  the triggers or rules on MDB+ or NOR or NOR+, since I purchased what I was led to believe, that these methods would win after I read and learned the methods  and played according to the rules in these methods or systems of baccarat .  I have also noticed that since Ellis was banned from the forum, there is less and less of interaction on different ways to dissect and play baccarat shoes. I was led to believe in the Sept 2015 MDB+ seminar in Las Vegas that Keith and Pompano Mike were considering  bring Ellis back into the forum. This forum needs direction and at the present time this (forum) ship appears rudderless and drifting at sea. Good Luck with the Premium Membership.


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Hi trillion - just ask for help if you feel you are not getting ROI - people here will help you. I made the offer to johnycs1 to play live chat through an online shoe with me and its still there.

Kachatz also offered to help him and sure many others will.

I for one now am winning consistently and on the verge of going full time.

In regards to premium membership I think its a good thing and the idea of not selling new systems but pay a monthly fee and get access to everything I feel is good as I also have access to BJ which I wanted to one day purchase but now I don't have to if I join the premium.

Let me know your time zone and the day if you want to take me up on the live play








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@trillion  BeatTheCasino.com is going through big changes from the hoopla that use to be here with new systems being designed, the next holy grail, etc.  A lot of the changes right now are happening behind the scenes.   It isn't going to happen overnight, but it is happening.  The new forum software was one piece. The StatsForProfits system is where the bulk of my efforts are going.  We are preparing the launch of that to everyone, but you were given access after the Vegas seminar while we continued development.  Have you had a chance to look at the system yet?  The StatsForProfits system will change the way we help people play in two three ways. 

#1 We will have a common place to share information about shoes that are played in real casinos that is easy to search.

#2 We will be able to play other people's shoes to show them how we would have done things.

#3 The software will report how certain systems work and don't work as well as be able to show you if you are playing according to the system. 

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Figure out a way to win at baccarat that fits your lifestyle, you don't have to eat fish anymore!

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Hey Trillion-

You have been involved with this site a lot longer than I have but you can't say the site has lost steam since Ellis is gone. 

Yeah there may not be as much activity (by way of posts) but if you have someone (Ellis) talking in circle or continually saying the same stuff is that really helping anyone. 

I can tell you from the looks of it people on the other forum are not jumping for joy. I hear a lot of bitching about the "Manual" (that still doesn't exist). I would rather not have a new "system" every other month that is just a new spin on an old system to me that just muddies (not sure if that's a word) the waters . That does nothing for us, if anything it just confuses people even more then they were to begin with. 

I have been active on this site for only a year and I can tell you that I have been winning consistently for the last several months. Mind you I work at it almost all my free time. I analyze every aspect of my play to see what I am doing wrong and how I can improve. 

I don't want to sound rude and I certainly don't want to offend anyone but you get out what you put in. There is not a system out there that will make you a winner just by following a few triggers.

Good luck all....

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