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Ellis MvD principles

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Does anyone knows the guiding principles behind Ellis new MvD method?

Sounds like a holy grail where 3 rules to remember that will automatically guide you to follow the shoe and win 4 units most of the time with flat betting.

Claims results have been proven to 100 shoes played.

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I heard there was a new system out but I got kicked out of his forum for telling him the truth.  I feel like Leah Remini after she got kicked out of Scientology lol.  I think he had a seminar the week between Christmas and New Years.  I have lost interest in the whole CFC thing.  I think it is a sinking ship.  I think that BTC has had a resurgence and 2017 will be a great year for all those who put the time in and practice. 

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I have to give credit to Ellis as he taught me NOR and the basics of bacc:

1's and 1's and 2's = S40 / Opposites

2's and 2's and 3's = OTBL

1's and 3+'s with no 2's = TBL

3+'s and low 1's = repeats

2+'s on one side and 1's with 2's max on other side = SS

I don't necessarily agree with the 'play thru a shoe with one method' approach that he likes to teach but I can see the thinking of what he is trying to do and adapt different methods to different casino conditions and create counter measures.

The shoes are not random he is right about that they do fabricate them even from the shufflers they are in a predetermined order I have seen the psychological tricks they create with the shoes.

If the casino conditions are consistent then his strategies and systems will work the problem is the casinos mix it up really well and you cant hit a moving target with a gun on a fixed tripod that's the downfall..


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ever heard of the fairy tale The Emporors Clothes or something?

A pair of con men tell the Emporor they will make him a suit like none other - it will fascinating

so he pays them heaps of money and finally they tell him there's a gimmick. Only a fool can't see it

to embarrassed to say anything the Emporor parades down the street

finally a kid yells out 'why is he walking round in the nude?!'

if you think you have just bought or learned the ultimate strategy or system be sure you've tested it first and it's the real deal or like the Emporor you might look in the mirror and realise your standing there in your birthday suit !!

better knit your own suit. It might not be a real head turner but at least it will serve its purpose !

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I think a main issue on all Ellis Systems is that they all work betting every hand. Maybe this is so because of his BJ  background, playing  head to head BJ you got no choice.

Mix that with an Up as you Lose Prog, you got the the recipe for a perfect storm. Your BKR will sooner than later be gone with the wind....

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I agree 100% with you. 

The two main issues:

the prog: when tou believe that it can overwhelm variance and this is unbelievable from a "beautiful mind". when the system does not match the outcome you are dead! or better... your bankroll. progs work when they close the cycle but when you don't... you cannot recover. I wrote in another post that is like giving a decision more importance, betting high, respect to others decisions, that's crazy in a mostly 50/50% game!

switching: another BIG unsolved problem. I never played NOR as it was presented, because you never know exactly when to switch system. we all know that when we play a method, it has a nemesis and we get our countermeasures. but what happens when you are betting a prog and lose the last term? you are out of a ton of money and have no guarantee that switching you will get your money back, only to be even!  Instead I see he continues with U1D2 with some variations since maaany years. Pure waste of money, YOUR money! because he plays with reds and greens... lol


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