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I have some questions below:

Million Dollar BaccaratMillion Dollar Baccarat (MDB) and Forum Access is an approach that utilizes our flagship program NOR to effectivley manage playing time and money management to try to realistically win $1 Million dollars playing. $1299.00..

NOR Mode I, II and III OTB4L Mode II F3How to play the NOR Modes Videos. NOR players will love this video as Keith Smith details how to play the NOR modes. $129.95..

NOR Professional Baccarat Manual And Forum AccessThe NOR Manual and Forum access. NOR Baccarat is an approach to Baccarat that uses statistical information from the game to make a determination of what side has the best possible chance of winning within the next few hands. $600 usd..

If I purchase the Million Dollar Baccarat will I get access to the forum, the NOR Manual, also the NOR Mode videos?

Do I need to learn NOR first before the Million Dollar Baccarat?

I am based in Singapore and the 3 casinos nearest to me use preshuffled cards for Baccarat. I read on the forum that NOR is good for regular cards and most online casinos use regular cards. Unfortunately, Singapore has banned all forms of online gambling recently so I can only visit the land casinos available.

All 3 casinos offer 'No commission' Baccarat. However, banker pays half your bet if they win on 6.

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Welcome on board, bighorn

I am also from singapore. And i bought NOR membership just a few day ago. Lucky that you knows singapore is pre-shuffled card therefore you bought MDB.

Nobody responded to your question maybe because most of the member's timezone is different from us (it is early morning in their time when you posted).

There are many singapore members here. We can learn together in the future



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Hi kingstar I am from Singapore too. May I know if I were to join membership do I buy "NOR Mode I, II and III OTB4L Mode II F3" or "NOR Professional Baccarat Manual And Forum Access". Also until now have you got any losing sessions with NOR?

Hi weddings,

Nice to hear from you, my Singapore friend.

If you were to join membership, you should join MDB membership instead of NOR membership. As i got to know from Ellis, Singapore casinos use pre-shuffled cards, which make it hard for NOR to perform well, but MDB can handle pre-shuffled card well. (PS. i only got to know that after i purchased NOR Professional Baccarat Manual And Forum Access, i did not do enough check on forum and ask around; but in the future i will join MDB once i see that i can win consistently)

Regarding to your question on whether i got any losing session with NOR. To be honest, i just started to learn NOR this week. i have yet gone to casino to try it out yet. The more i read the NOR manual and forum post, the more i feel that i need to learn before stepping into casino (Ellis did also tell us not to enter casino before we have really master NOR by a lot of practise).

I know your concern is whether the system sold here worked or not. Since i cannot tell you that as i haven't yet proved it by myself. But what i can share with you is that: after i joined the membership, and read the manual, i did ask many question on the private forum, Ellis is always able to reply with comprehensive answer to my question, which help me to link different concept together (which is impossible when i was surfing information from the public forum). To me, time is money, so I'd rather pay the money to find a faster way in my learning cycle

Once i start to go to casino to play, i will update your my result (but i think that will be probably in mid November when i traveled to Macau)

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Hi weddings,

Maybe you can send private message to Ellis for more info on MDB. I know little on it. Currently i will focus on NOR first as it will provide the basics

I did not purchase MDB yet. And i just purchased NOR but i haven't go to casino to play using NOR system. So whether NOR system works in RWS or not i don't know at the moment. But after i feel i am ready, i will go to sinapore casino to play


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If you are serious about your game and if are really going to commit yourself to learning everything in the NOR manual, then become a member. I recommend you temporarily stop playing until you can fully understand the NOR concepts and practice them on free Bacarrat sites until you can win at home. Then take what you have learned and apply the principles in live play.

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NOR performs well but require understanding and experience.

It takes time to learn everything and probably need to read 3 times or more to understand everything.

Once you understand you have to practise it and put into practise.

So far for me still learning and practising after few weeks but so far practise on Dublinbet live shows promise and good results.

MDB is the thing many are focused on because it is so simple to learn quicker than NOR and so well on preshuffled cards.

I learned for 3 weeks and played 10 practise shoes and average 5 units on every 1 - 100%

If you are serious to win long term then you should join and if you put in the work you will get it back.

I will let you know my results once I play for real money very soon.


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Hello there CT70,

If you don't mind can you tell me how long you are using this NOR? Did you purchase also the MDB?

If you are already fluent in using NOR can you give the length of time you need to figure out the

next bet selected and put the right bet size on it according to your NOR scorecard before the

dealer start the next hand. How long will that be? I'm asking these because I want to know if it

will suit the casino environment here in my country. We have casinos here which is run by the

government and private one's like Resort World and others. They are like mushrooms here now that pops

up suddenly, before it was just the government run casinos. Most of the dealers here really were fast

and so with the gamblers making their bet without thinking, some maybe thinking but very quick. Very few

dealers here were really giving time to the players at the table. I don't know if NOR or MDB can give

me a quick response before the dealer deal the next hand.

Thanks CT70 for the recommendation and encouragement and time to reply. Let us see first what Kingstar will

tell me.

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