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Hi all

I am hoping someone can help please

I want to get my head around RD1 as discussed on this forum

Unfortunately all of the examples and documents/manuals seem

to be unavailable, possibly because the forum has been reorganised.

If anyone can post a sample shoe or part shoe of RD1 play I would be very grateful

Thank you and regards


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I know CT70 likes it - maybe ask him

He plays it on roulette I believe.

I had a look at it and it looks ok.

It works best for repeat run after repeat run.

The way it handles opposites is ok but of course theres patterns it loses to.

Personally I rather just play repeats only when they are coming and then switch when they stop.

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Thanks kkriats

I am still looking for some sample shoes however

I can only find 1 shoe in those posts and I cant read it

I suppose more to the point, does anyone use RD1 with any success



Hey Pando, if you still need the rules, PM me with your email address and I'll email them to you. I can give you some additional info too of where and when it works best, and additionally when NOT to use it.


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All the old RD1 posts are unorganized and hard to follow. There were also MANY changes to the way it was played over time -- I doubt any two players are playing it the same way. Maybe someone who is playing it could post the rules they are using?

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The original RD1 was a pretty straight forward method and although it had a good following, it did have a losing pattern that came up quite often.

Then came RD1-H (hybrid) to fix one of the problems.

I have some shoes that were played all the way through using RD1 and if I can track them down, I'll post them up in this thread. It might take a few days as I've got a bunch of things going on this weekend (Biketoberfest in Daytona for starters).

If I don't come up with them by Wednesday, remind me and I'll get back on it.


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