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Are casinos really creating the biases...

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Hi Tim,

I'm not full time yet.

Probably because I have a lot going on with my business at moment and in the last year so that has really limited the amount of time I have had to practice and play etc

It is still my goal and I know I will make it just hopefully it will not take until I'm as old as Oz !!!!!!  ha ha ha

Like I said when I do I will come and see you in Brisbane although I have heard the casino there is not the greatest?

Apparently its in a historic building or something and they cant modify it so its pretty outdated and small

I have however played at Jupiters on Gold Coast less than a year ago and I really like it there.

Crown Perth is also pretty flash now and is good to play at so Im happy at this point to be able to just play there a few times a week


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