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8,000 PLUS Shoes played...

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I was doing some reorganising of all my Baccarat scorecards and did a rough count... over 8,000 shoes played. No wonder poor old Oz's head hurts.

To be fair...the majority were practice shoes..but all were played and some several times as I continually searched for tweaks to the way I play... Bloody Hell...If I dedicated the same time to College...I'd probably have 5 Medical degrees...LOL

One thing that I can be reasonably certain of each time I walk into a Casino is that I have done more research and played more shoes than any other player which makes me the most likely person in the Casino to be a winner.

I'm no Einstein, but what I am is persistent and stubborn...If I can do it, so can you but you have to put in the hard yards.


And yes...Oz is hitting the Vino again...LOL



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I always appreciate and enjoy, listening to the "madman" oz.  He always emphasizes the  aspects that separates those who really want to win, and those that merely fantasize about winning.......which is hard work, study, and learning.  Experience takes time to gain.  

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57 minutes ago, way2fast said:

Quite an understatement Brad!  'Madman' only scratches the surface I reckon. 

Hmm...I suspect that you have been reading my memoirs.


I can't bring myself to dump any of my shoes...even the early ones which have no semblance of the way I play now...there is so much hard work and time invested.

I had to trash a few hundred shoes that seem to have copped a heavy dose of rat piss...Even I have limitations...It still hurt to throw them out though.

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I recently threw out several hundred scorecards.  It wasn't that hard once I got straight in my mind that how I played shoes over 2 years ago really doesn't matter anymore.  Also, I really don't care to go back and see what kind of shoes a particular casino was dealing way back -- really only care about what they are doing the next time I am there.

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just wanted to ask when you are revising or played shoes or we playing practice shoes 

what sort of things are you looking at when revising played shows etc b

are you keeping score when revising 

do you play those shows again like you don't know the previous result 

just wanted to get an idea of how you revise old shows and learn from them to be a better player 


thank tou


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Hello everyone.
Great post Oz. Extremely well done and good on ya’ mate.
On behalf of the entire B.T.C. membership, I think I can confidently pass on a BIG THANK-YOU to you for all your hard work and for all the contributions you have made in here over many years.   
As you say, I guess it helps to “look back” and reminisce at times, but I think that is an understatement in your “particularly unique” case.?
Oz a "Madman".....na.!
"Crazy Persistent" and "Slightly more than a Little Obsessed" would be more like it.
Oz. you mentioned a great man in your opening post, so here is one of his great quotes:
“Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” ~ Albert Einstein
But there are others who also have had this to say: 
"I am a nut, but not just a nut.” ~ Bill Murray  &
“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.” ~ Bruce Feirstein  &                                                     “Insane people help humanity. They make others “appear” normal. ~ Anonymous” 
& finally consider the following:





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Please allow me to lay down some "history" of my own study's and observations of "things" and the game of "Baccarat".
Their is absolutely no doubt in my mind that "History Does Repeat"; and to expand on that a little more (and I respectfully say nothing "new" here - because it has already been "stated & quoted" again and again many, many times), is to say that: "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past, are destined to repeat them".
As far as the game of Baccarat is concerned this applies "Oz.course" (sorry mate couldn't help the "pun") to the way that he (Oz.) approaches his game, as well as the way we all should.
Now before any of you think that I am any where near "the level" of this "quoted" (not by me..) "Madman", allow me to "pause" here and make it very clear that I am not.
What I am is a dedicated "Student" of the game who looks to learn from the "many" ways that this game can be played.
Note I said "many", because there is NO single "mechanical system" that will beat this game.
What then does make a "difference" is that you MUST adjust your "Way" of play according to the particular shoe that you are playing "at any particular" point in time, and this is NOT F'...ng easy.
Again, please do not think that I am any kind of a Baccarat "guru" here (is there even such a thing?), because "hell no" I am not.
I joined this forum about a year and a half ago as an "MDB" subscriber, because it seemed to me at that time that "MDB" was a "pretty decent" way to approach the game.
Now, having been "introduced" to B.T.C. and then the "benefits" of its vast forum content via that, my learning "experience" only began at that point.
"To become great" - it has been quoted, you must learn from the "greats".
BUT you can only become really "good"; as it has also been stated, after dedicating yourself to learning/studying/applying/practicing "something" for around 10,000 hours of actually doing it.
You see, so many "fall by the wayside" of becoming successful in ANY endeavor they start out at because they have not accumulated those necessary "hours" of "learn.ed experience".
Oz., some-how I think I understand a little something about the "study" that you have put into the "study" of your 8000+ shoes. Have I put in my 10,000 hours of Baccarat study yet? No. (but I am getting there - has Oz.?..yes I think so - but only he really knows that)
I believe, as you already know, that no "formally learned" qualification: eg. doctor, lawyer, western.australian.oil.rig.worker..etc. can come close to the income that a dedicated "student" of this game can make.
Food for thought people, and cheers to you Oz. for being an "over-qualified" exponent (Madman) of this game who is openly willing to try to pass on his own "experiences" so as to help others become better at THEIR game. 

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Hi mjmtong good post and pretty much what Oz has been saying for years stop looking around for the HG and put in the hard yards.

If you want to achieve what he has then don't ask him to teach you his magic system just out in the time and you will get there.

Is he a madman? no of course not !

Hes a disciplined self motivated guy who set a goal he thought he could achieve and he got there with hard work for the sake of his family

Hes a motivator and hero to many of us on the forum and if I could design the casinos worst enemy it would probably be a guy much like Oz!

Although I definitely think he's getting softer in his old age. I was too scared to talk to him before he went MIA a few years ago after seeing some of the posts to the tyre kickers on the public forum! 


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