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Happy Thanksgiving all!

I'm thankful for

- My wife who chose me and stands by me and my 18 month old daughter who is healthy and full of spirit.

- @kachatz1 for spending his time teaching and playing Las Vegas last weekend!

- All the BTC players I met and learned from at "The Crawl" last month.

- The friends (too many to list) I've made on this forum and the knowledge I've gained here.

- @Keith Smith for creating and keeping this club going.


This is a great group....

Hope you all have a happy holiday season!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Really grateful to have every one as part of my day! :)



I heard/saw or read this awhile ago... Something to think about when you are wolfing down that tasty turkey dinner...

There were these two cows in a field eating their grass and one of the cows was reading a article in a magazine.

The first cow said to the second cow. "Hey, look at this. This article is talking about these two lions in Africa only eat meat and how they are healthy, fit and strong. Boy, I'd sure like to stay fit, healthy and strong. Maybe we should start eating meat instead of this grass. What do you think?"

The second cow says, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Let's do it!"

So, the two cows started eating meat instead of grass.

A little while later both cows died.

Of course this was big news and it made the front page of the newspaper.

When it did, the two lions were sitting down to dinner eating their meat and the one lion was reading the newspaper and saw the story of how the two cows had died from eating meat.

The one lion said to the other lion, "Man, I don't want to die from eating meat like those two cows. Maybe we should stop eating meat and start eating grass instead."

The other lion said, "I don't want to die either. I think you are right. We had better start eating grass."

So, the two lions started eating grass and a little while later the two lions died. 


The end. :lol:

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A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, for everyone and with everyone.  Genuinely grateful for all the great people here.  No matter who you are, you are a important part of my life, and I am truly grateful to be a part of this great group.  

It would be difficult to name so many here, and yet I must say thank you to Keith for keeping this group going and improving.  For all that you had to go through and deal with, is a glowing testament of you to do all that you have.  No doubt you have the "right stuff".  

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful day, with the foremost aspect of being grateful....for all the good that has been given to us and experienced in life.  

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13 hours ago, trillion said:

The legacy forum is now part of the Premium forum.

If you want access to the legacy forum, you will have to pay a monthly fee.

There is no FREE LUNCH any more, if you want to become a winning player please join the Premium Forum.

I still don't understand the email regarding access to the Legacy Forum that was sent from here. It was sent by Keith from the following address.

keith@beatthecasino.com via mail211.wdc02.mcdlv.net 

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