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Hollywood Casino Shoe 9.14.2010

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HEre is a system 40 Shoe I played last night at the Hollywood Casino. I hit my stop win of $300 (+12). I did't us a mandatory two and 4's were most common, so rather than bet opposite on a three I bet that 3 would go to 4 and then went that 4 would stay most common. I think that when something greater than a two is most common you can double your opportunity and bet repeat on the most common and then go opposite after that. Thoughts?

BTW see how long I watch the shoe before I played!

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Sometimes "Its just in the cards to win" no matter what you do. Ha Ha.

I also noticed you started your OT count at the point of your first bet. Do you always do this and if so why?

Is my understanding of the OT count incorrect? +1 for an opposite, -1 for a repeat. Start count at play 2 of shoe. Count continues throughout shoe, (no reset after 20 plays as in the old CS count).

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where does one shoe start and the other end ??????

Did you play the same system on each shoe and what system.

It would be nice if you could separate the score cards to the shoe played and tell what system you played with that shoe..



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