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Can someone please send me the link to the webinar sign-up page? It doesn't appear anywhere on my screen..

Fred, go to the top of this page and hit BTC 4D event. I just tried it - it works fine.

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I hate to do time conversions. What time does the seminar start in Arizona time?

Well, I'm guessing Keith means 10 am EST even though he'll hopfully be in Arkansas. I think you are in Rocky Mtn. So 2 hours difference. So 8am at your house.

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the entire state of arkansas is in cst which means if you line in new york the starting time for this seminar 4d is 11am.ellis why did you ever move to arkansas,please tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I should say I must of got drunk and leave it at that. It's not a pretty story. I lived in a 3000 SQ FT home on a 8 acre totally

private wooded lot near Saratga Springs, NY, the most perfect town in the U.S. I designed it and built it myself in '88 with the aid

of a few of my college students. It was deemed the nicest house in the area by the local newspaper. Keith has been there - he'll tell you.

And a few of my Bac/BJ students. In the garage I had a Lexus SC 400 and a Land Cruiser. Business was very good.

Then in '91 my daughter died at the age of 21 of an Asthma attack. My wife Kathy and I started a major scholorship foundation for

Respiratory Therapists. But Kathy's cancer went out of remission and she was bed ridden for three years before she died in '94.

My son went nuts. The college had cancelled my medical insurance. Medications and around the clock nurses cost more than a million

dollars a year.

My old friend Ann came up from Arkansas to take care of me. But I had a stroke in '96 and didn't even know my name for a while let

alone run a business. After 5 way by pass in 97 the bank was taking my home and I was in no shape to fight them. So, we moved to

Arkansas where Ann had much needed friends. It took a few years but I fully recovered. Then Keith contacted me and we restarted

the business, such as it is.

So when it is 10am in NY, it is 9am in Arkansas and 8am in Arizona. The sun rises in the East first.

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I am not sure what the confusion is with the start time. The registration is at the top of the page and list the time at the time zone it is at Central time.

And it is an online live event


OH, OK 10am central. So that is 9am Mountain and 11 am EST. 8 am for Californians.

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I would like to see all of the items you listed in your first post to be included in the seminar. There may be others but the seminar will only be 4 1/2 hours and most of the items need time to discuss.

Right Steve. I'm taking it you meant my list. That was to see in what order we do these Webinars. But in that time spot If I'm well

prepared I'm hoping to cover two subjects. The most important are the new game start process and S40 Mode 1. So I'm hoping to

cover both thoroughly in the this one Webinar. This means the Webinar must move along at a quick pace. I want to make these

Webinars really worth your while.

But we need more sign ups. We had 7 last I looked yesterday but I want at least15.

Both subjects will greatly improve your shoe win rate as well as your avg units per shoe.

We need to generate more interest in this Webinar program.

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ONLY 7 signed up???? C'mon people, are you not interested in earning more units / $$$$ ?

On the other hand, you can be very patient and struggling while looking online to find what the real pros know instead of sucking it up and enrolled in the seminar and make money sooner.. As for me, I'm not giving up this info anytime soon.

I hope this will turn out to be a successful webinar.


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What! I do my best work at 2 am!

I'm only kidding old mate...My sleep patterns are nearly as stuffed up as yours.

I generally wake up between 1.00am and 2.00am after 3 to 4 hours sleep (if I'm lucky)

I'ts not as bad as it sounds...I've been tested and apparently as soon as I fall asleep I am in a deep sleep and am almost impossible to wake up...and when I do wake up...it is instant.

No slow slide into a deep sleep for me...and no slow awakening process...so I get as many hours of deep sleep as most who sleep for 8 hours plus

That's what the Doctors tell me...which doesn't explain why I am always so damn tired LOL...Maybe getting old has something to do with it

BTW: I'm really looking forward to this Webinar...I figure that I know you well enough now to know that when you get excited...It can only be a good thing for we mere Plebs

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