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4D Simulator / Analyser

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This is a work in progress...

Here are a couple of 4D Tools to aid you in your education: see if you can notice any patterns and develop some strategies based on the 4D teachings at BTC...

For Live Play/Practice: 4D-Analyser-LivePlay.xlsx (last updated 03/12/2013)

Analyse your play as you play...

This version allows you to delete a hand and reset disparity during play (Beta):

4D-Analyser-LivePlay-V2.xlsx (last updated 23/03/2014)

For Simulation/Analysis: 4D-Analyser-Simplified-demo.xlsx (last updated 23/03/2014)

Select an Example Shoe already entered under 'Shoe' Tab... and then select the shoe you want to view/analyse in the 4D Analyser tab... to see it in action.

Update: You can now enter and save your own shoe for later review.

Password to open these spreadsheets: BTC4D

Further instructions later...



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At BaccPlay's request I've created a Live Play version for practising the concepts Ellis is trying to teach us in a visual way:

( I edited and added *.xlsx files to attachments allowed so you don't have to reference off site ks)

4D-Analyser-LivePlay.xlsx (see instructions on 1st post)

CdnChamer is also working on some refinements/modifications, so it'll probably be a joint project... so watch this space!


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You could try, but you'll draw suspicion by using an electronic device...

Paper is paper, they want to mess with your human psychology and not have you rely on a non-emotional computer ;-)

Live Play: (Casino) Human vs (Player) Human - with the exception of computerised card shuffling

On-line Live Play: (Casino) Human vs (Player) Human/Computer - no need for smart-phone if you have computer at home and you'll have a slight advantage

On-line RNG Play:(Casino) Computer vs (Player) Human/Computer - don't bother, computer likely to cheat on behalf of the casino...



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Wendel its case sensative you have to type in all caps

Thanks, BaccDJ126

I finally got the last one 4d-Analyzer-live-play(1) to work.

I think I may have the wrong version of Excel and it was not presenting the password screen after I had tried to save

the work sheet. I at least got to try what I wanted to try. I will play with it some more. Its probably just something procedural

that I am not getting right.

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If you start game with P P T, the OR count says 0. Should stay at -1. If the T was not recorded, 4D Analyzer works great. This is normally not an issue since we don't record ties, but for newbies who records ties because the spreadsheet allows it, they will mess up. Recommend removing option to enter ties altogether.

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