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How to use NOR the right way and win most of the shoes

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Hang in there William, a lot of work is being done on this site.  I would love to help you, but I am honestly not playing NOR, and I just got back on this site a week ago.  There is a lot of "gold" in the forums here.  So I truly suggest reading everything you possibly can about NOR here.  Read, take notes, and you will find a lot of "gems" on here to help you.

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Try to break the shoes down to short term setups and record the number of plays each bias lasts for

Then you will see characteristics of your casinos shoes - how long does bias last?

How many biases per shoe?

How many times per shoe or number of shoes does a long bias come?

I don't like TBL for short term setups but Pando from NZ plays only TBL / S40M1 so its different for everyone

+3 consistently is ok average

If you can minimise losing shoes to be -4 or -5 and extend good shoes to be +5 to +10 or more then that's really good

Level up plan will make your +3 more exciting when you consider the potential.- always look at level up to remind you where you want to be.

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If you bet every hand you put yourself at even odds with the casino - except its never even odds because the house edge is against you.

But the house edge is not the worst enemy.

Whats really against you is:




Most other things associated with those 3

You can overcome those 3 things in the short term but in the long run you will lose because:

The casino  has bigger bankroll than you

The casino has unlimited time

The casino can use psychology against you..

If you play every hand in my opinion you are subjecting yourself to all of above.

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William, I would sincerely suggest, that you practice at home, before putting your hard earned money to the test.  Learn the basics, and also then learn to observe what a shoe is doing and isn't doing.  Practice over and over, until you feel comfortable and develop the skill of seeing exactly what the shoe is doing.  As you have seen, there are a lot of really good guys here willing to help you.  So do try learning at home, and then you will know what to do, and when to do so in real time play.

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Great job William, congratulations.  Wait at the beginning of a shoe, to see what it is doing and isn't doing.  Using Nor, as I am sure you know, be able to identify if it is streaky, otb4l, or opposites.  A real skill that you must develop is to see which of the 3 methods, is the best for that particular shoe.  When you develop that skill, things will be easier for you, to see the shoe clearly.  A calm and confidently skilled mind, is a clear mind, to be able to see clearly. There are many posts on here, that will help you identify the type of shoe you are playing.  A exercise that I personally use, is to take a score card like the one you posted, and then take each method, and just score each method as if you were betting it, and see what the results would be for each one.  As you do that, it will help you to see and identify, which method worked the best for that shoe.  It might sound like hard work, and it really is to do that with a hundred shoes, but every time you do it, you are getting sharper and your skill is developing more and more.  It is like anything in life, the more you practice it, the better you become at it.  Remember, it isn't what you think......it is what the shoe is telling you.  So listen to what it is saying, and also what it is showing you.

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Hi William - we have not spoken in a long time --- I think you took the NOR Boot Camp a while ago -- if not, check it out this week. I agree with Avion, use some of the sites with free bac such as Wizardofodds or Baccaratonnet, and practice. I also have some additional training materials that may be helpful. Send me an email and I will send them to you. But practice on the free sites until you are comfortable making decisions and winning consistently. Also, the SAP count is a very good thing to use to keep you on track.

Let me know if I can help!


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1st shoe;


Setups = 42 = repeats = loss

213 = SS = loss

34 = repeat (trigger at 33) = win

346 - repeat (trigger at 343) = win

26 = repeat (trigger at 24) = win

22 = OTBL = win

24 = repeat = loss

22 = OTBL = win

222 = further OTBL trigger = win

24 = repeat = loss


Flat bet = +2

I will do second shoe later but see how short term NOR setups can win by flat bet

Those setups are the ones I use most of the time

You will not be right all the time but you should be right more than 50/50


When results are (N)eutral and you bet neutral short term you have to have better than 50/50 

When results are all (O)pposite and you bet opposite short term you have better than 50/50

When results are all (R)epeat (include SS) and you bet repeat then you have better than 50/50



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Second shoe:



22 = OTBL = win

222 = OTBL = win

42 = repeat = loss

1111 = S40 = win

23 = OTBL = win

36 = repeat (trigger at 33) = win

25 (setup at 24) = repeat = win

5114 (setup at 5113) = S40M1 = win

Flat bet = +6

Same setups over and over again

Flat bet

Win or lose move on

Easy money if you are not greedy

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