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Baccarat short thoughts

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Here,s a quote from a wise man of the forum that kept me going on my baccarat journey " If we are not losing there is only one way we can go". I think this is my favorite! I hope he doesn't mind me posting it but it helped me more than I think he realized.

Now I hope it will inspire others on their baccarat journey...


By the way thank you!

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This post has thrown up some golden nuggets of advice with some great one-liners, just reading them before we play will surely help set you up for the days challenge.

So here we go...

Disipline,Disipline,Disipline,Disipline, DO NOT GET GREADY!

Be content with smaller unit wins that have bigger chip values



Nobody ever lost money sitting on their hands


Nobody is holding a gun at your head forcing you to bet

Rather than ask yourself 'should I bet on this.' ask yourself 'why should I NOT bet on this'

there's no such thing as a random shoe. It just means you have not identified the right trends to characterise it

If you don't know what bet you should make...You do...No bet.

Never just bet...

I'm not a gambler! There's a reason to why I place a bet.

" If we are not losing there is only one way we can go".

"I'd rather miss a winning bet than make a losing bet".


Avoiding a losing bet is as good as hitting a winning bet.

at the end of the shoe, a one unit win ALWAYS beats a 1 unit loss

Just make sure you don't lose and winning will take care of itself

If you loose, it not the shoe, its you

don't lose the lesson...

Don't chase your losses.

Or better... " if you loose ... YOU... should have taken up bowling .


Words of wisdom, all in one-liners!







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I remember this one from a few years ago see if you can guess who said it:

Geez guys its a 50/50 game. If you flat bet you will win 50% of your bets. If you cant use everything on this forum to gain you a better than 50% edge you simply aren't putting in the hard work and best be finding something else to do with your nights!!

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