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Canada Bacc w/ Vertical and Horizontal Methodology

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Great stuff, Canada B


For me, I am going to call it BACCARAT HVAC

( HVAC is a common term we likely all know, refers to your home’s , your apartment’s, your wherever-U-live …


Because,  we all Live-and-breathe in the world of Baccarat 


(V)ERTICAL, AND ‘ (A)ctual (C)onditions ( currently in play within the shoe we are in…) 

CB…This is an extremely valuable concept. And to put it into a “ visual” , for all to see and understand , I have asked Keith for his help to memorialize it…

Call it what you want to. 
( this not in your playbook? Good-luck with that…) 

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CanadaBacc and Keith the horizontal and vertical way of playing is definitely a different approach of follow the shoe. I have played follow the shoe with a limited amount of success and i am looking forward to see more of these type of videos exploring how to play baccarat.

Could you have a follow up video on a more difficult shoe where there is a multiple # of 1's, 2's and 3's in the early part of the shoe and lets see how  follow the shoe navigates these different type of baccarat shoes?

Keep up the great work CanadaBacc and Keith!

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