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Ellis is a strong spirited man and a fighter at that too. I'm sure he will be well soon and I wish for his health to improve quickly. Please pass on my best wishes for good health and when he is ready to return we welcome him here with open arms.

The 4D Gang awaits,

PS: let Ellis know that I had more successful 4D live play.


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Guest CarlosM

Best wishes to my long time friend, mentor, teacher. I would not be where I am today had it not been for you. Ellis ALWAYS recovers!!! Always has, always will. We will all see you back on hear again as always :)


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Call his room Send him a card.

He's in room 2027


I called him and I posted his current situation in the general Baccarat Forum {so even the tightarses (bad Oz) can see that he is doing well}

Kidding guys

Seriously...It was good to catch up with Ellis...It's kinda encouraging to know that their are people out there even older than me

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hey guys,we are going to need more people for the bj seminar.if this group of us are going to grow,we all need to participate in these seminars.just imagine any question you have concerning blackjack can and will be answered forever.i have read every manual written by ellis at least 5x's.people waited until the 11th hour for last month's 4d seminar and all reviews were positive.if you people liked the bacarrat seminar i guarantee you will love blackjack.there in no card counting with ellis's systems.simple,straight forward and nonsense.after you read the manuals a couple times it really starts to sinc in.9 months ago i was in atlantic city and started to play BLACKJACK with red chips that was 2pm[supposedly the worst time to play]@6pm i was up $4000 thats 4k, 4large,4 bananas,4 big ones,ate at a $9.95 buffet and came back and picked up $600 playing bac.also picked up $325 playing craps @ 6am .this hotel offers me free rooms every month including 4th of july and news year eve.ALL BECAUSE OF ELLIS CLIFTON DAVIS,WHAT MORE CAN I SAY.SIGN UP FOR THE BLACKJACK SEMINAR.

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